Dear Forum,

When I use a multi paged form for adding records, besides the right record also a collection of null records will be added.

I have included an image which shows 2 null records.

I also included a sample model where the problem occurs. Under menu "Maintain Request" the CRUD is available which uses a multi page form.

Best Regards,

Joost van der Schoot

CRUD Null records.jpg

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  1. I tried to follow your instruction but failed to replicate the issue. No null records created. Anymore sharing?

  2. Hello Walter,

    You can replicate the issue in the Joget cloud via:

    This is the test app which I included in the previous post.

    Under menu "Maintain Request" the CRUD is available which uses a multi page form.

    Just create a new Request record and you will find the null records. I just did and got the null records there.

    Best Regards, 

    Joost van der Schoot

    1. Hi Joost,

      This is what happened. In your form A, you have two tabs, which is linked to form B and C.

      All forms A, B, and C are storing in the same table "Request".

      And with "Partially store form when page changed?" checked, it will save the form data into the table on tab changes. (Request table gets one new record)

      On second tab, you will hit save. (Request table gets one new record)

      And as a whole, form A will create another record. (Request table gets one new record)

      Normally, we will use a different table for each tab's form.

      The Remedy

      As form B and C is using the same table as A, you will need to configure "Parent Form Field to keep Child Form ID" in each tab to "id" so that it will not create a record but to use back the same record row as the parent which resides in the same table.

      Good luck!