Dear All

I need to call a web service from Joget workflow and then display the result of the call inside the joget forms. the scenario consists of these steps:-

1. call an external web service using the following URL:-

/web/json/documentmanagemnt/getdocumentbyID?documentid=[A value stored in one of the joget forms fields]

2. the external web service will return Json object representing an image or images,, so i need to display the image/s on the joget form

So can anyone help me in how can i implement such functionalities ,, and what  are the needed plugins and controls inside the joget forms to complete this requirement.

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  1. Hi there,

    Good day. You can use the JSON plugin to make calls to your webservice. Then from the plugin itself, you may store the returned data into Joget form data (your designed form). And from there onwards, everything else should be as easy as printing them out in the form.


    1. thanks for the reply, i use the JSON plugin and it worked fine,

  2. Hi BPMdesigner how did you manage to invoke the external Web service from the Form itself? Once you submit the form and JSON Plugin tool is called, you are navigated to the next step in the process flow.

    Am trying to create a form which has a Text Field that accepts Customer Id and upon submit I wanted to call the external JSON API which will return the value that I wanted to display on the same form. 

    Can you suggest if this is achievable in Joget?

  3. Hi Shoaib KhanWere you able to solve your problem ?