In Joget v2 when creating a Userview you can customize the columns to be shown, thatfrom all the columns available in the process as shown in the image:
However, in the v3 is only possible to display data from DataList and this in turn can only display data from a form or process input tray, so you can not display personalized information as in the previous version.

Am I right? 
Is there a way to build a DataList from all available variables in the process? 
Build a Userview from several DataList?


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  1. Hi Andres, the feature you mentioned, is not available in v3 Beta. However, the development team is working on enhancements for the final release of v3, to support for assignment summary, similar to the one we are currently having in v2.


    1. Hi Tien Soon,

      I m using the final release of V3 but don't seem to be able to configure the inbox for personal Running and Completed process. May I know if this is part of the feature for V3?


      -- Jo

  2. Hello - is the capability to select variables from multiple forms now available in some way in the release of V3? 

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kent,

      Yes, it's possible with the Datalist Builder. Apart from the default form binder that lets you to select a form to retrieve fields from, you can define your own custom query to retrieve fields from multiple forms or tables as well. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Kent,

        I am using the Joget v3.0. want to add some fields from assignments table in a datalist. But it allows me to only select a Form Data Binder.

        Is there a way to query a table and populate the datalist with the data on it?



  3. I downloaded the latest version of v3 but Joguet and saw that even you can not create user views from all the process variables, as in V2.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  4. I add some fields in Datalist, but the Userview is not wide enough to show them all. How to change the Default Theme from fixed with to variable width?

    1. Hi Frederick,

      You can override the theme's CSS in the Userview Builder -> Setting -> Configure Theme -> CSS field with your custom styling. Hope this will get you started somewhere.


      PS: Please try to post in a more relevant topic or create a new one.