Hi Joget Gurus, hope everything is going well for you, I really need your help!

Textual description

  1. Start process A
    1. Activity 1 (Complete ‘’Creation’’ form)
    2. Activity 2 (Complete ‘’Planning’’ form)
      1. Start subflow/subprocess  (Process B) with actual parameter/WF variable (statusA)
        and subflow parameter/WF variable (statusB)
        1. Activity 1 (Complete ‘’Creation’’ form)
        2. Activity 2 (Complete ‘’Task assignation ’’ form
          // I would like to loop these activities (1-2) with a checkbox or any other form field linked to a wf variable (‘’another’’)
          to create as much (task for example) as I need to (Each task having its own ID and following to the next activities
          (2-3-4-5 below) in the workflow) until I uncheck the box//  for now I've tried to make the subflow start itself as a subflow
        3. Activity 3 (Complete ‘’Task completion’’ form)
        4. Activity 4 (Complete ‘’Task summary’’ report)
      2. End subflow  (Task)
    3. Activity 4 (Acknowledge)
  2. End of Process A

Graphic Description

Process A

Form A

Process B
Form B

Thank You in advance for your help!

Have a nice day!

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  1. Hi March,

    Nice design there. I didn't quite get your question since you have all your process designed out already. What is your current challenges?

    You may want to consider this design as well in your development - Multiple Approval


  2. I'm doing something similar but I haven't been able to create multiple children subprocess. How can I achieve that? Is it possible?