Hi all,

i just started to use this wonderful application so i need a lot of help for the moment :-)

I want to use a hyperlink of a datalist to modify a workflow variable.

eg. a User1 submits a form for data entry, the Manager has a datalist of all the data entries form different users and i want him to "Validate" or "Reject" the data entry from User1.

I have a workflow variable "status" that can be "status==OK" or "status==KO", doing of course two different things.

How can i change the "status" variable from a hyperlink?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day


  1. Hi there,


    Manager has a datalist of all the data entries form different users

    Do you mean that your manager can see multiple applications submitted? And to be able to approve/reject by just clicking on a hyperlink in the listing without going into the form and submit?

      1. Hi Roberto,

        There's no direct solution to this. Things to consider when doing so.

        1. Assignments are linked to Form.
        2. Having completing the assignments from the Datalist means users are not being able to see the form or to fill up the form. This may introduce a loophole in your application or may break your app design as users are able to move on to the next assignments without even looking at the form designated.
        3. If you have considered the point earlier and handled it in your design, then you will need to think of your datalist listing. It should only list down records of the same/identical assignment activity. This is because you will be able to perform bulk approval/rejection of the selected records (assignments) by setting the value to each of the workflow variables of the records (assignments).
        4. You will need to write a new Datalist Action Plugin that will take complete assignment with workflow variable set along the way. There's no such element created yet.
        5. If you were to skip the creation of such plugin, you can still proceed with the creation of a hyperlink at record level that will still complete the assignment with workflow variable set. You may try to make use of the JSON API at web/json/workflow/assignment/completeWithVariable/(:activityId) (See this link )

        Hope this helps.

        1. Thank for your explanation.

          So, it's not possible to use a hyperlink to validate/reject the data of a form.

          But then is it possible to use the Submit button of the approver's form to change the workflow variable? The approver's form can be also read-only and stillhave the Submt button?

          Til now, i didn't managed to do so...

          1. I finally did it!!! Using sub-forms and the examples... :-)

            Thanks anyway