I'm using Joget Cloud service, version 4.0.10 and I have an issue with datalist filters.

I have a datalist of my Accounts with 3 types - buyer, seller and transport.

I created a filter, select box, bind it with the Account form and type field and the select box shows correctly the types I would like to use as Account list filter. Once again, I did not use hardcoded option values but Form binder.

Unfortunately the filter only works when "All" is selected, but when any of the Types is selected the datalist is blank.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sinisa Perovic

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  1. Hi Sinisa,

    I will need more information from you on how you design your app. Probably it has to do with some mis-configurations in your datalist filter.

    I have attached an app (APP_selectFilterApp-1-20141020104651.zip) which you may use it to study on how it is done. You may also access the live demo site at here to see it.

    1. Import / Go to the live demo site.
    2. Click on "Application".
    3. Toggle the filter and submit.

    Hope this helps.

  2. XY

    Thank you very much Hugo for your quick reply. I will look into this app.


    EDIT: I see that the only difference is the fact the you used Category as a separate form and in my case it's hardcoded dropdown select box in Account form. I'll try your way to see how it works. Thanx again.

    EDIT2: Now filtering is OK but I cannot get Sections in my main form to show/hide. They are not responding now to "Field ID to control this Section" and "Field value to display this Section". Your method seems to uses "Grouping" in final HTML instead of "Value" so I don't know how to show/hide sections in my form using this FieldID and it's value.

    1. Hi Sinisa,

      You can refer to this link.

      1. XY

        Thank you Owen but you misunderstood my problem. The link you gave me has Select box with hardcoded options and that is the case where Section hide/show works perfectly. Unfortunately I'm not able to filter my list this way.

        Then Hugo gave me a solution for filtering that worked but then I cannot manage to get my Section hide/show working. In Hugo's app the Select box does not have hardcoded options (like in the link you gave me) but Form binding options instead.

        Anyhow, thank you for your time and effort.