Dear Forum,

I am having problems on the use of Date type fields.
Since Dates are stored as plain text values in the database I am not able to do proper sorting and applying (SQL) queries on date values.
Think of "select all dates between now and next week" or "show all records with a date earlier than a specific date".

Dates are sorted alphabetically and not in date/time order.
I saw in the forum several questions on this matter which have never been answered.
I need functionality such as:
Creating lists ordered on due date, lists with activities within a specific date range.
This is not simply a matter of standard filters on data lists, but requires dedicated SQL querying.

One could think of a solution to store everything in format yyyy/MM/dd. Than alpabetical sorting comes near time sorting.
However the Joget workflow deadline checking functionality requires a specific format dd/MM/yyyy. So to be able to use the deadline checking I am restricted to that format.
And the users also like to have their favorite representation.

Is any solution possible here?

I cannot imagine this has not been solved before.

Joost van der Schoot

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  1. Hi Joost,

    I understand on your situation here. We are seeking the balance of the versatility of creating form fields without the need to worry about data structure, table creation etc which is why all fields are stored in a fixed data type format. We recognized this shortfall of such outcome thus we have the "schema editor" set as one of the features in Joget's product road map.

    As for the deadline, we may consider to add in the supporting format (yyyy/MM/dd). We will get back to you on this soon.


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  2. Hi Hugo,

    That would be great. Since now I was thinking about creating double fields for each Date, one for form representation and one for the background connection to the workflow variables connected to the deadlines, and keeping both in sync with JavaScript or something like that.

    But that would give a lot of maintenance burden, and I would like to avoid this.

    Please keep me posted on the coming changes in the product builds.

    Thanks for your help,