I receive this error when clicking on an activity in the inbox:

javax.el.ELException: Error reading 'readyJspPage' on type org.joget.apps.userview.lib.InboxMenu

any ideas?  The inbox still shows that they are active tasks.  However, when I click on it to complete the task, thsi error pops up.

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  1. I figured out this happens when an activity is renamed and the diagram is uploaded again

    1. Hi there,

      Did you try to configure the Inbox first when you first added it in in your Userview Builder? You will need to configure it at least once for every new menu item added in into your Userview.


  2. Hi,

    I encounter the same issue after deploying a new workflow diagram.

    javax.el.ELException: Error reading 'readyJspPage' on type org.joget.plugin.enterprise.DataListInboxMenu

    I created a new Inbox menu but the error persists. Rolling back the app version doesn't help.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  3. I am facing the same issue. Kindly, anybody give a solution for this. I didn't change in that specific process, just created a new process for checking one simple email flow. then removed it as well but i think the whole process xml is changed or whatever. Please, advise.