I am following the Joget V4 youtube tutorial. I created and saved a Travel Request Details form but the Generate App button on the top right is missing so I cannot continue.

I am using Chrome 30.0.1599.101 m and Joget V4 Beta community edition for Windows, which I downloaded 2 days ago.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    You will need to use the Enterprise edition for this particular feature.


  2. Do you have any tutorials for the community edition?

    If someone wants to trial Joget then they will most likely download the community edition first. I also did the tutorial for Version 3. It was very annoying to find out after an hour or two that I needed the Enterprise edition to complete the tutorial. You could at least make it clear that the tutorials are for the Enterprise Edition.

    1. Sorry Jim, our bad. The video should have stated that the App Generator is only available in the v4 Enterprise Edition. Will update the description asap. At this time, there are no video tutorials for the Community Edition yet. We hope the community will contribute and take this challenge up :-) Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks.

  3. hi, I recently started learning this and find that this issue is still there. I cannot see the Generate App button in both community and enterprise editions. Can you help with this

    1. It's in the Form Builder - 

      Top right corner of the Form Builder. Will update the KB to be more explicit later. Thx.



  4. thanks Jack. I got it now (smile)