I would like to develop work flows based on enterprise data, e.g. an investment account managed using a given investment strategy.  A simple workflow might involve and admin user changing an investment strategy and the client and fund manager being informed.  It would be necessary to query the enterprise system for account details, investment strategies etc and to make calls to the enterprise system to change the strategy.

We use an Oracle 11g database, Ubuntu 12.04 and Java J2EE technology - I have Joget running in trial on 11g and Tomcat.  Our existing enterprise database is generated by Hibernate 3 annotations and we program our back end processes against the Hibernate 3 API.

Is there a neat way of accessing Hibernate objects to get data into Joget forms and lists?  Or, is there a mechanism for calling Java objects (say a stateless session bean) to achieve read and updating a model?  Perhaps you could point me to some examples.

Many thanks

Paul Hudson

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