Dear All

I have installed Joget version 3 that comes with mySQL database named "mysql-5.0.22". I need to access this database using JasperAssistant Data Source from Eclispe. But i need to know what should i specify in the following fields :-

  • - Name
  • - Driver
  • - URL
  • -Username
  • - Password


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  1. HI there,

    Please refer to Datasource & Profile Setting.


    1. Thanks Hugo for your help. i have configured the setting and i can see the database from jasper reports without any problems. but the problem is that i have defined a table named "request" in the form builder and i deploy and run the workflow , but when i tried to query the table from jasperReports's SQl query by typing "select * from request" it will raise the following error:- "Table 'jwdb.request' doesn't exist ". So how i can fix this issue.

      Best Regards