I need to call an external web service which return JSON and then display the returned JSON inside a joget form; the returned JSON looks similar to :-

{"Data":[{"SERVICE_TYPE":1,"SERVICE_NO":1,"EMPTY":"N","INDEXED":"Y","QUE_NO":1,"Service_Type1":1,"Service_No1":1,"Service_Name":"Serviceument001-1","Created_By":"SYSADM","Windows_Domain":" ","Date_Last_Mod":20120910,"Time_Last_Mod":104000,"Date_Created":20120910,"Service_Expires_In":0,"Expiry_Type":"D","Expiry_Date":0,"Service_Arch":"N","Level_No":0,"Tot_Pages":7,"Service_Source":"N","Password":" ","Recycled":null,"Location_ID":"VisionFile","Dept_ID":"VisionFile Dept","Allow_Versioning":"N","Flag_Delete":"N","Lock_Flag":"N","Hard_Copy_Folder_ID":null,"Service_NO2":1},{"SERVICE_TYPE":1,"SERVICE_NO":2,"EMPTY":"N","INDEXED":"Y","QUE_NO":1,"Service_Type1":1,"Service_No1":2,"Service_Name":"Serviceument001-2","Created_By":"SYSADM","Windows_Domain":"

//JSON data goes here

so i tried to call the above web service using the available JSON plugin tool, but since i am receiving multiple JSON data objects, so i can not loop through the returned JSON data inside the JSON tool plugin.

So my question is how i can handle this call ? , bearing in mind that the web service request will contain username and password , so i can not do the call directly using JavaScript inside a custom HTMl in joget forms, instead i need to do the call inside a plugin or in the server side.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Any Advice on this issue ??? I need to call a web service that return multiple JSON objects using plugins and then display the JSOn inside joget forms?