hi all,

anyone can help about "user permissions to forms in user view"  ??



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  1. Hi there,

    Can you tell us more on what are you trying to achieve? Do you mean that you want to show/hide certain form fields according to user roles? If yes, please see Form Permission Control.


    1. Hi Hugo,

         Thank Q so much for reply..i need to show particular form to related user. when i m configure the from in user view  there is only  user permission  for category but not for form.


      1. Hello Kishore,

        In my opinion, if you are trying to show a particular form to any user, then it would be better to use the "Map Participants to Users". In this way, a participant will be mapped to a particular user and the forms mapped to the activity of that participant will be visible to that user only.

        Hope this helps,

        Ashutosh Tripathi