Hi ,

Tiensoon, could you give an example on how I could bind external data to form fields? I.e. I use Bean Shell for a SQL Select statement:

select firstName, lastName, birthDate, gender, title from persons where person = '#user.username.username#'

Is this syntax correct(Specially Hash Variable)?

The result I assign to variables like this?

wm.activityVariable(workflowAssignment.getActivityId(), "variableId", "variableValue");

What variable type should be used form or workflow variable to bind the value to a form field?

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  1. Hi,

    You can use Current User Hash Variable to do that. Please refer to Hash Variables



    1. Hi, Owen i hope you can help me..

      i tried using extended current user hash variable but it doesn't seems to work, i'm trying to show the department name of the current user who have log in.

      #currentUser.department.name#  is not working, is there any other method?

      really need help,


      N.aimi F

      1. Hi there,

        Are you using the Joget Enterprise Edition? This hash is only supported in this edition. Cheers

        1. oh i see, but i discover about hash variable at here :Extended Current User Hash Variable ,

          it stated that "currentUser hash variable found in the community edition. In this edition, you will gain access to more attributes of the currently logged in user particularly in it's employment details."

          anyway, thank you. looking forward towards enterprise edition soon.


          N.aimi F 

  2. Is it confirmed that hash variables are available in enterprise edition?

    1. Yes, and Enterprise Edition may have more Hash Variables supported as well (eg. Extended Current User Hash Variable)

      Hope this helps.