We are currently evaluating Joget Enterprise for our internal workflows by developing a a customized CRM to manage our sales cycle.

Given the complex workflow of our B2B business we are planning to create another application to handle Quotations.

My question is since the Quotations app will be dependent on the data from the CRM app how can we manage the dependencies between apps?  

We are planning to develop two other apps which would be dependent on both the CRM app and the Quotations app so this is critical for us to know now. 

I've searched the forums and KB articles and can't see to find anything that answers my question.

Apologies if I missed this information in the documentation.


- Garth

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  1. Hey there,

    It depends on how you want to make use of the data from other app. Each app typically will write into each of set of tables.

    For example, App A will save into tables like...

    • A_applications
    • A_contacts

    Other app, eg App B will save to...

    • B_applications

    If App B wants to access contact data from App A, you will need to decide on how you want to go about it.

    For instance, you can have a form in App B that will source contacts from table "A_contacts" as selectbox. In your App B's list of forms, then you will need to create a form that refers to that table. At this point, they will only "collaborate" at database table level only. It is up to your app design on how much/far you want to integrate between the apps.

    Hope this helps.