Hello Forum,

When I set filter for instance on a value "70"  I do not only get exact matches but also "170", "7000" , "93670899", etc.

As a consequence the master-detail links by using a link in the master list to detal lists does not work properly.

For instance when using the CRM demo app, the link from Accounts to Contacts does not work properly.

When I define Account names like A1, A11, and click the "Contacts" link than the contacts from both accounts A1 and A11 will be shown.

Regards, Joost van der Schoot

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  1. Hi Joost,

    I understand from where you are coming from. Let me try on this and I will get back to you.


  2. Hi Joost,

    I have checked and verified that this is the intended behaviour for a filter. It would matches the string of the configured column.

    1. Hi Hugo,

      What I have seen is that I have an older version of the CRM demo app which does not work correctly.

      The newer demo apps in the cloud do work correctly.

      The older one has no filter  set in the Form Binder of the datalist.

      The newer demo apps in the cloud do use explicit filters.

      The CRM app applies a JDBC Datalist binder.

      The Invoicing app applies a Advanced Form Binder filter : account Equal #requestParam.fk_account#

      I guess this is the reason it filters correctly.