I need to build a function that enables users to start a joget process for an external system, so i am following these steps:-

1. To start a process i will call this API:-


but to be able to get the ProcessDefID  (Process definition Id) I am thinking of following this approach:-

1. to get the list of packages using the following API:-


2. After that to get the list of processes under the associated package using the following API, where the packageid will be returned from the previouse API call:-


Then from the returned JSON i can extract the process definition ID and start the process.

 so my question is , if there is a single API call which enables me to directly retrieve all the process definition IDs inside my system (instead of retrieving the packages---> then the processes under specific package)?

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  1. Hi,

    Please study http://dev.joget.org/community/display/KB/JSON+API. I'm pretty sure there's one that fits you.


    1. i check these API, but can not find a suitable API which directly return Proces Definition Ids for all the processes.

      Best Regards

      1. Hi there,

        Have you checked out "web/json/apps/published/processes" method?


        1. seems that this method was added newly.. but i have noted that not all applications will be listed here in this method. for example if i call this API it will list all the applications web/json/workflow/package/list . while when i called  web/json/apps/published/processes some applications will not appear although they have processes, and i can view their processes using