Hi good morning, 

I’m a new Joget user and I’m trying to implement a new plugin based on the Directory Manager Plugin, but I’m not getting to do this.

I have ever follow many tutorials available in the Joget forum but they don't help me.

Where can I find a more specific documentation to implement this plugin?

Coz the documentation available in the site isn’t complete and don’t have many details of what kind of methods the objects can provide. 

I have some questions to do:

  1. Why my plugin isn’t showed in the list of Manager Plugins (Settings > Manage Plugins)?
  2. Where can I found details about the methods of Joget objects?

I tried to follow this tutorial:


I'm using:

- Microsoft Windows 7
- Apache Maven 3.0.3

I'll be grateful by any help.

Rafael Mesquita

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  1. Not sure if I'll be much help, but I think the Directory Manager plugin is handled a little differently than the other plugins (maybe because logging into the system to see the plugins depends on the Directory Manager plugin being correct.)

    If you go to Settings->Directory Manager Setting, you should see the current Directory Manager plugin information. 

    I think what I did was create a new Directory plugin implementing new DirectoryManagerAuthenticator, DirectoryManager and DirectoryManagerPlugin/Plugin classes to perform authentication in the manner that I needed for our application. 

    Then I had to register the plugin I wanted to use in the database. (I had to search through the code to find out which table it looked at the plugins.) INSERT INTO wf_setup VALUES('1','directoryManagerImpl','org.onlineadvocate.helpstepsdirectoryplugin.HelpstepsDirectoryManagerImpl',1);)I also added some log statements to verify that Joget was actually using my DirectoryManager. If you haven't already you might want to download the source and compile locally and look through the code to see how things work.