I want to add a URL link to my menu to start a process, however I want to pass the process some default values for some of the workflow variables. I understand that the way to do this is to append 'var_<variable_name>=<variable_value>' to the end of my URL. However when I do this and try to load the variable in a form using the hash variable #variable.<variable_name># instead of seeing the value I passed in my URL I see this (the field Service Catalog Item is what I tried to pass using a URL parameter):

Any idea why this is happening, and why passing data to the workflow variables via URL parameters is not working?


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  1. Hi Andrew,

    As a start, can you verify that the value has been set properly. You can verify it in "Monitor Processes", then click on "Running Processes" and click on the instance that you are running at the moment. Then, click on the latest activity to verify the workflow variable's value.

    In your form, in the textfield, you may go to the last tab "Map to Workflow Variable" and key in the workflow variable name that you would like to read/write value. Set the subform/ text field to read-only if you would not like your users to edit the value.

    Hope this will get you somewhere.



    1. Hi Hugo,

      I have checked the variable in the running processes and it shows me exactly the same value 'java.lang.String...'. My form is already loading this workflow variable via a hash variable.

      The only extra problem I can think of is that this field is in a sub-form, and these aren't working for me at this time. Perhaps this is related?


      1. Hi Andrew,

        It seems that it's not the subform problem as the value inside the Workflow Variable is already so. Can you try to run the process again and set the value of the workflow variable? Inspect the value again in Monitor processes.

        It should not matter on where you access the value, be it in parent form or subform.

        1. Hi Hugo,

          I've started the process and entered the value in the form manually. However when I save the form the value is not passed correctly to the workflow. When I inspect the value in the process monitor it is empty, even though I have configured the form to update the workflow variable.

          I'm starting to suspect that this has something to do with the problems I have having with sub-forms.