Hi all,

can anyone assist me ?

here is the issue I cant solve:

I would like to have automatic creation of sub flows after a multiple selection of checkboxes.

Like that:

lets say I have sub flow name CONTRACTOR_SALES_LEADS

and when I have a sales lead, I would like to chose a few contractors (2 or more) by checkboxes, and after pressing a button, multiple instances of  CONTRACTOR_SALES_LEADS sub flows must appear , each one per selected contractor (the checkboxes).

I assume I have to pass for each sub flow a variable lice contractor_name according to the selected checkbox, but how to automate it ?

Any help is more then welcome,


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  1. Hi John,

    The posting on the other thread is similar to what you asked here. (See multiple assignment flow)

    You may need to write some bean shell script that does the following:-

    Main process

    --Loop through the selection from specific form data field (in your case, the checkboxes)

    ----Use the WorkflowManager to invoke a new process flow passing in the necessary information via workflow variables (See Bean Shell Programming)

    --End Of Loop

    It will then flow to a Activity (x) that will wait.

    Subflow process

    In each subflow process, at the end of it, it will run set of codes that will check and trigger (x) from main process.

    Hope this helps.