i have successfuly used the JSON tool plugin in webs service that returns single row such as :-

"activityId": "1079_563_crm_process1_approve_proposal",
"assignment": "admin",
"nextActivityId": "1093_563_crm_process1_send_proposal",
"processId": "563_crm_process1",
"status": "completed"

but now i need to call web services that return multiple rows of json data, but how i should configure the JSON tool plugin in-case the return JSON will have multiple rows , such as :-

{"id":"3724_mdec_v1002_mdec_wp1", "serviceLevelMonitor":"<span class=\"dot_red\"><\/span>", "name":"mdec_wp1","state":"open.running", "due":"Fri Mar 20 14:01:27 SGT 2009", "startedTime":"Fri Mar 20 13:51:27 SGT 2009","version":"2"}

{"id":"3725_mdec_v1002_mdec_wp1", "serviceLevelMonitor":"<span class=\"dot_red\"><\/span>", "name":"mdec_wp1", "state":"open.running", "due":"Fri Mar 20 14:03:16 SGT 2009", "startedTime":"Fri Mar 20 13:53:16 SGT 2009", "version":"2"}


Is there a way for example to define a loop inside the JSOn tool plugin or something similar to?
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  1. Can anyone advice on the above issue?

    1. Hi there,

      In the JSON plugin, there's a field called "Base JSON Object Name for Multirow Data". Key in "data" in this field. Try this out.


      1. Thanks for the reply; but in this case what will I specify in the "Field Name" at the "Field Mapping" section inside the plugin, since the number of JSON objects may vary, so the fields should be build dynamically and i can not build these fields inadvance to provide their names..

        1. It should be fixed. Your JSON call should return expected result. It is best to write your own plugin if your case differs from the conventional.

          1. thanks for the reply, but can u explain what do u mean by "it should be fixed" as there is not error? , but the plugin will work fine incase there is a single JSON object , but incase the JSON object return multiple objects there is no option to specify where in the forms to display the JOSN objects or how to loop through it...