Dear Forum,

I am trying to develop a plugin, but get errors on missing Joget artifacts.

I have done all steps like : Develop Sourcecode and Plugins : Steps of Compiling Joget Workflow and Plugins.

And also the examples like : Process Tool Plugin Example

But my environment (using Eclipse or just plain textfiles) cannot resolve the Joget Artifacts.

I always get error messages like : 

Required Artifact is missing on org.joget:wflow-core:jar:3.1-SNAPSHOT from repository

I tried both maven3, maven2.2,

I also get this error when following the exact example Process Tool Plugin Example, with 2 files in a directory and executing "mvn install".

Also changing the "3.0-SNAPSHOT" to "3.1-SNAPSHOT" in the pom.xml does not help.

If I try to find any Joget on I find nothing.

Where are the Joget artifacts published?

Thanks for your help,

Joost van der Schoot

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  1. Hi there,

    The correct article should be at

    The part that will fill in the repo required is in step "Install 3rd Party Libraries"