Hello everybody,

I've been researchig Joget Workflow against Vaadin Framework. We are using Liferay Portal as platform for our web application, and I am not yet sure which strategy to choose:

a) should I build the app myself using Joget, or
b) should I hire a Java developer to build the app using Vaadin portlet.

The reason why I would choose Joget is that I could save costs and do the app myself, as I am more like a technical business guy instead of a real programmer. But, there are also many reasons why I would choose Vaadin over Joget; for example, we can use Vaadin 7 as a portlet in Liferay, which means integration with Liferay would be more advanced than with Joget (or at least that's how I understood after my research). Also, the Joget-Liferay SSO plugin does support only Joget v3.x instead of the latest version of Joget.

To choose Joget over Vaadin, I need answers to some open questions I have. The Joget relating open questions are:

a) Is there coming soon new Joget-Liferay SSO plugin that does support the latest version of Joget, or would it be worth to use older version of Joget?
b) How integration to the user interface (UI) of Liferay Portal is made?
c) Can we use Joget app as portlet in Liferay, or is integration of Joget as an iFrame app the only option? If yes, what do you recommend to make the UI user friendly inside Liferay?

I would appreciate your opinions to any of the open questions we have. Thank you!

-- Jussi

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  1. Hi Jussi,

    Here's a quick one. Typed on the go. I have no experience with Vaadin so I will skip the first part.

    1. The one in market place, http://marketplace.joget.org/joget-liferay-directory-mgr.html, support v3 and v4 is for the Directory Manager integration. You will need to perform/add SSO script into your liferay. See Integration on Joget.

    2. See the previous link, either using Embedded Inbox, Javascript API or IFrame based, depending on how much of Joget you want to integrate with.

    3. IFrame, yes. You can use embedded userview mode to mimic the theme of your liferay.