I'm enjoying Joget, and im trying to implement Joget inside Liferay.

I'm using the Liferay plugin for 6.1 and i want to now if you guys are going to update the plugin to liferay 6.2.

Also im using AssignmentManager.login to login to Joget and it works, but when i use

AssignmentManager.loginWithHash gives me error 401.


AssignmentManager.login('http://localhost:8080/jw', 'panela@liferay.com', 'password', null);

AssignmentManager.loginWithHash('http://localhost:8080/jw', 'panela@liferay.com', 'JUuHrKEaQqDtS5B8GvI9D8SAAkM=', null);

I use joget v4 community edition.

How do i login to joget using the liferay password.

best regards

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