when having to get list from a form this is what im getting 

can you pls help 

SelectBoxID| | 79de2880-c0a81032-1de45c30-cd0462ed | 79de4da2-c0a81032-1de45c30-a81cec18 |




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  1. Hi,

    Could you elaborate more, maybe with some examples, screenshots or details to reproduce your problem? Not quite sure what you mean.


    Best Regards

  2. XY

    I'm having the same issue. Every single row in my Data List has exactly the same type of code.

    1. It will be easier to help you troubleshoot if you can attach a screenshot or sample app. And steps to reproduce the errors. Thx.

      1. XY

        Sorry Jack for lack of information.

        This is my app here and the trouble is with orders. When you create a new order (it's a process) the participants are selected form the SimpleCRM copy-paste app with few added fields and that's it.

        When I created a Order data list I just dragged the elements in place but as you can see apart of Order Number all other fields that are binded from other forms are mess.

        Thank you for your time and effort Jack.

        1. Hi there,

          Those "messy" values are actual foreign values from other entities. Please see Formatting and Making Foreign Key Reference Using Default Formatter on how to map those foreign key into the rightful labels.



          1. XY

            Thank you Hugo, again, for your quick and helpful reply.

            1. No problem. I hope you have solved the issue. Let us know if otherwise.