I have a quick question, i have install joget in windows as well as in linux.. eventhough i can't open workflow designer in linux but i manage to open it without any problem in windows.

i'm using windows 7 and linux ubuntu 12.04 LTS

i cant seems to figure where is the error i'm guessing the java packages are not compatible so i re-install the java packages but i still cant solved it. i'm using Oracle Java 7 package for both operating system.

Put that aside for a while, in linux i can open the web console without a problem. therefore since i have no problem designing process workflow and the app in windows and able to open the web console in linux.

my question is: 
1) can i migrate the forms & datalist & userview from windows to linux??
2) if it is possible can you show me the steps.
3) if the migration is successful will the data be affected??

Hope anyone/someone can help me with this..


N.aimi F


  1. Hi there,

    Please see Import & Export. And if you would like to migrate the data as well (everything), you can create a DB dump and import it in your destination machine. Cheers.

  2. Hi Hugo,

    Thanks so much. I got it, migrated it... :)


    N.aimi F

  3. Hi,

    I have the same question but my Joget's version is 2.  I can migrate in teh same way in the oldest version?


    1. Hi Victoria,

      What are you trying to migrate?


  4. Hi Hugo,

    I must to migrate all my process from V2 to V3, also Forms and Tool's Configuration.


    1. Hi Victoria,

      Please see Upgrading From v2. Thanks.