Hi all, 

at first the load binder is working, generating check list from database, 

but when it opens the data from data list, the same form doesnt generate the checklist

Help please, 



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  1. Hi,

    I tried to replicate your case but the loadBinder BeanShell of the form executes in both the cases (as it should) i.e. opening the form from the Userview or opening the same form from the dataList.
    Could you tell me how are you opening this form from the dataList? Are you using CRUD UserviewMenu item to bind the form to the Form (Add) / Form (Edit) or are you using dataList hyperlink operation to show the form?
    I can tell you how I did it : I created a dataList for the form and added a HyperLink action button in the row. Then I added the form to the UserView in a New Category and chose 'Hide from Menu' under permissions of the category. I also provided a Custom ID to the form in the UserView (say, testFormCustomID). Then in the HyperLink button of the DataList, I provided the custom ID of the form (testFormCustomID in this case) in the HyperLink Option of the configuration.

    Hope this helps,