Hi I'm currently looking up for reporting solutions to create custom reports with my Joget  Workflow MS-SQL Databases.

For now, I found that there is a report plugin with Joget that creates wf_report tables with audit trail data.

Also, I saw that JasperReports has iReport Designer that can be embedded in Joget Userview and SQL Chart too.

Are there other alternatives??

I'm trying to make my reporting solutions research as exhaustive as possible.

Thank You for your help!

Nice day!

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  1. Hi Marc,

    May I know on what other kind of reporting means or tools that you sought for? As for now, those that you are mentioned are readily supported by Joget out of the box. You may try to state on your requirement and we can see if we can help you in any way.

    You may also try to put down some use cases and we will see on how to achieve them.

    Also to note that on wf_report tables, Joget will write process related data into them so that you can use reporting software/means to generate statistical report. Remember that you will need to enable the Process Data collector in each of your app. (Enabling Data Collection for SLA Implementation)


  2. Hi,

    Is data collector available in community edition ?


    1. Hi Hassan,

      Yes, it is available in the community edition.