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I am working on a Joget project with myself and another developer. We use Git (the version control system) to manage our source code and history. We find it reasonably easy to use, and it greatly helps us with our development.

The problem is I don't know an immediately easy way to story Joget artifacts in version contro, and how to use these artifacts to recreate the website we are developing.

Out current process is to store a text document describing how to recreate the website from scratch, along with plain-text versions of all artifacts required to do this. For forms, we save the JSON generated by the "ADVANCED: Json Definition" section, as well as the javascript used throughout (with instructions on how to replace them in the form-builder). For our plugins, we can just store these directly since they are just normal Java projects.

We considered exporting the Joget project using the normal Joget export. This is entirely inappropriate though for version control, as you cannot easily version control binary files like .zip in a meaningful way. It also makes it impossible for multiple developers to work at the same time, as we are always working against different zip versions of the website. If we did do this, we would have to pull the latest zip and redo our changes over this every time.

Basically my question is: what is the best practice for using version control with Joget. Specifically how do you use Git in a meaningful way to store all artifacts, so that you can reproduce your website very easily.

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