Hello everyone,

Upon trying to log in to Joget today all users receive the following error:

Login restricted, license expired on Sun Sep 07 18:59:59 CDT 2014. Only 3 users allowed

No updates I know of occurred over the weekend and all users seem to be getting this error. Without being able to log in as admin I'm not sure how to update the license key (in case it was somehow corrupted). I also noticed the license seemed to expire 1 month to the day that we received it. Do Enterprise licenses expire after one month?

Any thoughts on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Alan Hald

Software Support

University of Nebraska Foundation

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  1. Hi, looks like your trial Enterprise license has expired. You will need to request for a new trial license to re-activate. Thx.

  2. Thanks Jack. We purchased the full Enterprise version and were given a key but I'm wondering if we didn't get the right one. I've sent an email to the person who provided the original key.

    Thanks again for your help.