Hi Everybody,

Is possible to update on daily basis my V3 beta to latest git snapshot?

How can I do this (Win/Linux)?


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  1. Hi Aipim,

    Yes, we can do that, and you are encouraged to do so. Please refer to "Source Code" for the how-to. Basically, you just need to grab the source codes from GitHub, and run mvn install (using Maven) in the /jw-community/wflow-app directory. Then, copy the following 2 files and replace into /Joget-v3-Beta/apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps:

    • /jw-community/wflow-consoleweb/target/jw.war
    • /jw-community/wflow-designerweb/target/jwdesigner.war
    1. Hey Tiensoon,

      I think the link you have provided doesn't work or i don't have permission to browse it. I see this message - "Page level restrictions have been applied that limit access to this page." 


  2. Hi Tiensoon,

    I followed the step-by-step instructions to compile from Source extracted from

    svn co http://svn.github.com/jogetworkflow/jogetworkflow.git

    as described in this link.

    I can clearly see that there are two repositories in GitHub; namely, (1) jogetworkflow and (2) jw-community.

    Your above war files refer to the community code; my question is:

    What are the war files required to update <my existing JoGet v3 Beta2 installation directory>\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\webapps from the compiled (2) jogetworkflow source code?

    I guess for the designer web, it is:

    <jogetworkflow root sirectory>\wflow-designerweb\target\wflow-designerweb.war (right?)

    And if yes, do I copy the file "wflow-designerweb.war" as it is? do I rename it first into "jwdesigner.war"? (enlighten me)

    And for the web console, is it then the "wflow-wfweb"?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Ahmed, jogetworkflow is v2, while jw-community is v3.

      So if you are building for v3, you only need to grab the source from /jw-community, and build the /wflow-app branch.

      Once the build is successfully completed, you will get the following 2 WARs:

      • wflow-consoleweb/target/jw.war
      • wflow-designerweb/target/jwdesigner.war

      Replace these 2 WAR files into Tomcat's webapps directory.

      1. Thanks,

        In this link Build from Source, the source is: 

        svn co [http://svn.github.com/jogetworkflow/jogetworkflow.git]


        Any way, the source from https://github.com/jogetworkflow/jw-community

        does NOT contain wflow-plugins directory, how do I create plugins for v3?

        1. The Knowledge Base article you are referring to, is v2's. The guide about building from source for v3, is documented here.

          With regards to v3 plugins, you can refer to Knowledge Base, or the child contents under this Forum node.