I'm very much excited about the latest JoGet V3 release and looking forward to play with it. I wanted to know if there any upgrade steps for V3. I currently have V2 running in my machine and will the V3 installation just keep the old data and upgarde the necessary web modules and DB schema? I think many users will be looking for upgrade option and this would be helpful for everyone who's already using v2.

Thanks! Congratulations for yet another great release!

- Arun

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  1. Hi Arun, glad you are one of the early birds :D

    The installer package of v3 Beta uses jdbc:mysql://localhost:3307/jwdb?characterEncoding=UTF-8 as the datasource, which is different from earlier versions (sampledb).

    So, in other words, we can safely run v3 Beta alongside with v2. You can create a new process in v3, by using the XPDL (workflow design) file saved from v2. Then, try out v3 Beta by creating new forms in v3's Form Builder, and map them to workflow activities.

    1. On the XPDL note.

      Please take note that as Joget Workflow v3 is an application-centric builder, each application consists of one XPDL package. The application ID is named the same as the XPDL package ID. Make sure that they are the same in case you are importing them from other source.

      1. Thanks Tiensoon and Hugo. So I can migrate the existing processes from v2 to v3, that's good. how about the running processes? My assumption is we may have to wait till the running processes are completed/closed in v2, and then start using the migrated process in v3.


        1. Hi Arun, there's no migration practice supported for the running process instances yet :) Ya, need to have a cut-off period while transiting to v3 from v2. 

          1. Hi guys,

            This is the documentation created for this discussion. Upgrading From v2. Hope it helps!