I have some problems with Userview builder in v4.

The first problem occurred when I add new category and then drag the existing menu from other category to this new category I created,

then I can't edit the menu's properties.

And for the second problem, when I try to save this userview, that menu from the new category disappeared completely.

Here is some screenshot to help you guys understand my problems.

First let's say I have this category and menus :

Then I add new category

And then I try to move "Setup Announcements" menu to the General Settings category

Here the first problem appeared, I can't click on that menu's properties, meanwhile the other menus are perfectly working fine.

Then when I try to force save this design, the Setup Announcements menu will disappear from general settings category and nowhere to be found in Administration and Setting also.

Do you guys know what could possibly cause this error?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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  1. Try to click on the "Properties" once and click "OK" every time you add a new element into the menu. It might help.

  2. Hi Walter,

    Thanks for your response. Adding new element is working fine actually.

    My problem is when I move one existing menu to another category, then I cannot click the "Properties" anymore.

    1. Hi Felix,

      What is your build number? Let me try this on my environment.


      1. Hi Hugo,

        Currently I'm using build number 862.

        1. Hi Felix,

          Thanks for the information. We will check on this.