I would love to be able to use the WordPress plugin, but it seems that it may not have been updated for v3.

1) I can get it to work so that I can login, but then I can't create any apps.  Joget throws many Java errors after I try to access a new Application that I've designed.

2) Additionally, the plugin disables User Setup.  This makes sense for individual users, but then how can one setup an organizational structure for WordPress users?

3) I also tried the WordPress widget that should show the Joget Inbox, but it doesn't look like it has been updated either.  It references the old url structure and points to an incorrect directory for the "loading" image.

Are there any plans to work on these plugins?  They would be essential to the solution that I'm planning.


  1. Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for trying out Joget. Unfortunately, there's no immediate plan to upgrade this plugin for Joget v3 just yet due to resources constraint. Here's some points that I would like to share out:-

    1. The directory manager / user management (in both v2 and v3) will be disabled typically depending on the implementation of the Directory Manager plugin that you are using. Only when a particular plugin chooses to implement certain class, then it will be made available in the console management.
    2. When it's made available through the console management, it will only be a read-only access. Modification to users' attribute should only be done through the provider's interface and not on Joget (as the client). In your case here, you should manage it in Wordpress.
    3. In your case here, we are using the plugin designed for v2 to work on v3. There may be some tweaks required before it can function properly.

    On the other hand, you may try out the upcoming update on Joget v3 Enterprise edition as it will have it's LDAP plugin implementation upgraded. Read more at LDAP Directory Manager.

    Hope this helps.


    1. Thank you, Hugo.  Out of all of the workflow packages that I've tried (and I've reviewed many), Joget is the best.  It's the easiest to use and that is one of the most important features for me.  Nice work, and please continue!

      I am going to take the following route:

      1. Create a custom user data transfer from WordPress to Joget.  That way I can control how the integration works.

      2. Use the Joget javascript API to log the user into Joget on the WordPress site (this is working nicely).

      3. Simply use the embed code from the Joget inbox on the WordPress sidebar (this is working fine too).

      1. Hi Shannon,

        maybe you can help me with the problem i've got : to make the user log into Joget on the wordpress site.

        i don't want the user to be a wordpress user, just a joget user. Can i do that without using the Wordpress Dir Manager plugin? and just the Joget Inbox Widget?

        I would really appreciate your input.



  2. Hi! Joget looks very promising. I've setup a process and now i'm trying to access it from my wordpress site with the Joget Inbox Widget .

    There are several changes in version 3 of joget. And the tweaks i made so far in the wordpress plugin:

    In joget-inbox.php the path is /wp-content/plugins/joget-inbox-widget/ and not /wp-content/plugins/joget-inbox/ also there was not a jquery-1.2.6.pack file and i had to download it and put it the right directory.

    Now i have the login prompt showing in the widget but after the user logins it doesn't display the process is looking for: http://mydomain:8080/jw/web/js/client/processList.js?divId=jogetProcessListDiv

    Note that i'm not using the directory manager plugin - since i don't care about wordpress users to login to joget, i just need the joget users to login to joget but via the widget in the wordpress side.

    Is there any idea how should i proceed? I have done a lot of work so far and it would be a shame to be wasted only because the integration of Joget with Wordpress because of the widget not working...

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Mryto,

      I don't think it's recommended to use the plugin anymore as it is only designed to work on Joget v2. I would love to get my hands dirty but resources are scarce. Here's what you can try.

      1. Install "Advanced Text" or similar plugin from the Wordpress market that allows you to manually code your sidebar widget.
      2. Copy the codes found under "Embed Code" in Joget > Run Apps > Inbox into the widget.

      By doing so, you have already made the Inbox accessible to your Wordpress visitors and they will be required to login in that widget itself before being able to see their tasks.

      On a side note, I'm curious to know on why do you want to integrate Joget on Wordpress. This would help us to improve the product in the future.

      Hope this helps. Thanks and good luck.

      1. Hi, has anyone tried this?  Does it work?

        Thanks in advance

  3. Hi Hugo,

    I for one would be very fortunate to use Joget to build applications for Wordpress. Stats show that Wordpress is a very popular (if not the most popular) CMS platform and out of the 18,770 plugins that exist for Wordpress, there is nothing to help developers build sequential web forms that are linked/tasked to users, or automate business process at a level with some sophistication.