I am evaluating Joget Workflow for a client.

I have installed V4.0.  While designing an app, I click on the "Launch Workflow Designer", and then I open the java webstart.jnlp file after it has downloaded.  I get  the "Java Application Blocked" error with reason of "Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running.  I have tried all the recommendations from the knowledge base except building the war file.

I added the URLs for Joget in my java exception site list, and installed the enterprise version of jwdesigner.war to the tomcat instance under the community edition of joget v4.0

I have 2 different environments that I am working with.

1) Windows10 Laptop, running JDK7.

2) Windows 2012 Server, running JDK8.


Please help!


Rob Hammons





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  1. Upgraded to Joget V4 Enterprise Edition. Windows 10, Using IE 11, and JRE1.8.0_60.  Still having the same issue. When I click "Launch Workflow Designer", I get the Java security error due to self-signed application.