Hi, All:

I found a problem when I open a user notification in outlook, then click the hyperlink , It seems outlook will correct the "//" to "/" in the url automatically, 

for example :

"localhost:8080/jw4/web/userview/ServiceRequest/Userview//WaitForApproval?_mode=assignment&activityId=570_162_ServiceRequest_ServiceRequest_ApproveRequestByManager"  (http://localhost:8080/jw4/web/userview/ServiceRequest/Userview

after corrected by outlook :

"localhost:8080/jw4/web/userview/ServiceRequest/Userview/WaitForApproval?_mode=assignment&activityId=570_162_ServiceRequest_ServiceRequest_ApproveRequestByManager"  (http://localhost:8080/jw4/web/userview/ServiceRequest/Userview

Then the page will be redirected to the default page of the userview.

If I use webmail to click the hyperlink, It works as expected.

Any idea to avoid this issue ?

Thank you

Jonathan Yang

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  1. Just add a dummy value in between the slash.

    1. Wow, It worked like a charm,

      Thank you so much.