How can i do a new row(\n) in a email plugin?


one \n two \n three \n

I would like to see this:




Pls help me, thx.

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  1. Hi  Miklos ,

    Did you found any solution for following issue?if you foud a solution please sheir with me.how  can i access the hash variable with Beanshell plugin?

    String test1 = new String("#variable.test#");
      PreparedStatement stmt = con.prepareStatement("SELECT  id, c_SzKor_Nev  from formdata_Jogosultsagok_BF WHERE c_Szolg_Id LIKE 'SAP' and c_user_name = '"test1"' "); // SQL query

    1. If you are using Joget V3.0 just only use like this:

       PreparedStatement stmt = con.prepareStatement("SELECT c_SZF1_igeny,c_SZF1_jovahagy,c_szf1_rendszer,c_SZF2_igeny,c_SZF2_jovahagy,c_szf2_rendszer,c_SZF3_igeny,c_SZF1_jovahagy,c_szf1_rendszer,c_SZF4_igeny,c_SZF1_jovahagy,c_szf1_rendszer,c_SZF5_igeny,c_SZF2_jovahagy,c_szf2_rendszer,c_SZF6_igeny,c_SZF2_jovahagy,c_szf2_rendszer,c_SZF7_igeny,c_SZF4_jovahagy,c_szf4_rendszer,c_SZF8_igeny,c_SZF3_jovahagy,c_szf3_rendszer from app_fd_JOG1 where '#variable.generator#' LIKE c_generator"); // SQL query
        ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery();

      if you would like to set to local variable:

      String generator = "#variable.generator#";


      1. Thank you very much for your reply.but i am using Joget V2.is there any different way to do this with V2?

        1. Yes, but you cannot use  in V2 because the interface is different than in V3.

          You just use this funcition in V3.