Hello everybody,

i am working with Joget v3.0.1 and have some problems with the form export email plugin.

 i want to create f.e. a reporting workflow. after filling out the form with some checkboxes, the executer should have a field, where he can type in an email adress, to whom he wants to send this form exported as pdf. in the "export to mail" plugin, you can define a "specific email adress" where the form should be sent to, or an "participant". but the recipient is not fix, he will change possibly every time". my question therefore: how can i map a workflow participant to an emailadress in a form? is that possible? 

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a colleague of Jonathan and looked at this problem today. Our problem here is, that the recipient of the report is not a user of Joget. The recipient is a customer who should be informed of certain tasks performed for him. He should not have to login to Joget or even know of its existence.
    In version 2 documentation I found that the following syntax can be used to access form data: #form.formDataTableName.fieldName# (http://dev.joget.org/community/display/KBv2/Hash+Variables)
    Version 2 documentation states that HashVariables can be used in conjunction with the email plugins "from" and "to" fields. (http://dev.joget.org/community/display/KBv2/Email+Plugin)
    Would something like that be possible using the email export tool?



    1. Hi Malte,

      Yes, you can use Hash Variables in the "To" field. You can use either  Form Hash Variable - "#form.formDataTableName.fieldName#" or Workflow Variable Hash Variable "#variable.variableName#".

      Hope it's help.