What setting should I use to put 3500 users.

My server should be a CENTOOS linux and Windows Server to MSSQL database

Best regards

Claudio Goncalves

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  1. Hi Claudio,

    There's no definite set of hardware spec that would suit everyone's needs. You may need to consult your server administrator on this and this may depend on the complexity of your processes and setup environment as well. You may see Joget Workflow Deployment Best Practices for some tips on setting up the application server application suited for Joget.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Hugo

      My hardware team have no idea about the need for software processing

      Haven´t you any minimal hardware requirement to support 400 simultaneous requests and 400 forms submitted /day

      I need this information to solicit the purchase of servers e buy the Joget licenses.

      Thank you in advance.

      Claudio Goncalves

  2. thank you Hugo

    i'll talk with the hardware team.