currently the workflow is designed so that a plugin will be executed after submitting activity A as follow:-
but is there a way to force the plugin to be executed when the user opens the joget form or click on a <a> link? as i need to write a plugin that will call an external system which will send a security token that will be valid for a certain amount of time , so i want to make sure that the token is retrieved just after the user open the joget form.  ? o is there a way to implement this requirment ?

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  1. can any one advice on this , "on how i can call a plugin when clicking on a button or link inside joget forms?"

  2. Hi there,

    You may try to develop a FormBuilderPaletteElement plugin that extends PluginWebSupport. You may then implement the checking you need in "webService" method. Include the element in the calling form.


    1. thnaks for the replay , but can you provide some links that explain the "FormBuilderPaletteElement plugin" as i tried to search for more info on these plugins but i can not find suitable supporting links. Also after defining the plugin how can i call this plugin when the form loads or when clicking on a link inside the form.?.