I am a senior develop and i like the features and capabilities which joget BPM offers. Currently i am in the stage of hiring a development team to work on Joget BPM .

I have read that joget is build using Java and spring framework ,, considering my skills which are basically on asp.net & c# ,, so will it be better to hire developers who know java and spring OR if i hire developers with asp.net and c# skills then they will be able to do the same work without any extra efforts.

let say for example i need to build a dashboard that display some statistics regarding the joget BPM, or i need to modify the Web Console interface; so will it better to do this using Java, asp.net or it does not matter.


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  1. Hi BR,

    It is possible build the stuff e.g. dashboard using asp.net (or any other web technology) and integrate with Joget, but in this case I would recommend Java developers. With Java competency, you would be able to develop your own plugins, which would allow you to extend the Joget platform tremendously.

    Hope this helps!