i have set an email plugin inside my workflow, but i need to send an email to the requestor of the workflow when the workflow finsih, i tried to type the following in the email plugin configuration but all fail:-

  1. To (particiapnt ID) requestor


  1. To (particiapnt ID) #requestor.email#

So how i can configure the email plugin to send email to the requestor.

Best Regards

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  1. Hi John,

    The first one is correct. (Provided "requestor" is a a valid participant ID). Please check your server log for more information on why it's not working. Cheers.

  2. thanks but i need it be more dynamic,, so what ever the requestor was to send him an email ,, i do not want it to be static ID

  3. then there is no way to refer back to the requestor of the activity ..