I am beginer and I need help in email tool hash variable. My sample flow has two participants - applicant and approver. In mail tool configuration for To (participant id) I gave applicant and in message I gave 'Hi #applicant.firstName#'. Mail goes to the mail id of the applicant as expected but in the message it does not resolve the hash variable i.e. it shows as is 'Hi #applicant.firstName#'. Please help me to resolve this.

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  1. Hi,

    The hash variable you are using is not valid. Please refer to this page for a complete list of hash variable. In your case, you may want to use #performer.activityDefId.firstName# in stead.

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    1. Thanks for your reply.

      I gave #performer.activityDefId.firstName# in message still it is not getting resolved. Is there any configuration or setting that needs to be done to make it work. Please let me know if any thing else I need to check.

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  2. Thanks Owen.

    I din't replace with actual activityID. When I replaced with actual activity ID it worked.

    Is there any way to get the date difference (day count between 2 dates like start date and end date) ? Is there any utility for this or Is it available in form builder itself ?
    I want to get number of days (end date - start date)  and display in form as non editable and also store in DB. How to achieve this ?

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