Hi guys!

I have a problem here. After submit form to user (choose username from select box), the user will get the email.

And I used email tools which map tool to plug in. The problem is email can't send out. I've used #performer.activityDefId.email# but it doesn't work. However, I questioned myself, I want to send email to the user. Can anyone helps me?

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Please refer to Sending Email and Email Plugin (Note: this wiki page is for V2, but it almost the same for V3).

    The property "To (specific email address)" accept username as value. In your case, you can use Form Hash Variables to retrieve the value of your select box. Please make sure your user have an email account.

    Hope it's help.



    1. Thanks Owen. I have followed the link above. I also tried to use Hash Variable in "To (specific email address)" which is #performer.Verify.email# but the user didn't get email.


      1. Hi Sarah,

        I think you can just the Participant ID in the "To (participant ID)" field instead of using the hash variable in the "To (specific email address)" field. Please read Sending Email and Email Plugin.

        Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Arun,

      Please see my reply in the link you pointed to.


  2. Hi, just in case anyone is having trouble to send the email for v5 Plugin (Joget DX7), u can use outlook to send email instead.

    In the General Settings, scroll to rock bottom then key in the following details.

    Hope it helps anyone.