Now, in production our joget app presents some performance issues. (Version: 7.0.32 - build 254ea81)

While we are working to find the root of the problem we see there are (at this moment) 14494 items in "Running Processes" and 99558 items in "Completed Processes".

I want to know if is safe to delete all completed processes and very old running processes (some of them date back to 2022)

Another thing, any advice on how to improve performance is welcome.

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      Hi Angel, 
      Yes it is completely safe to delete the old processes if you don't want to keep them as previous activities. Deleting them will not affect any of your current workflows.

      For better performance you can work on optimizing SQL queries, implement the use of Cache where required.
      You can see in the performance monitoring tab which view is taking most of the memory

      1. Angel PEREZ

        Thank you so much Anas Misbah Shami .

        We start to analyse the performance monitoring tab. I hope to find something to work. 

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