Hi, All:

Each Process has several activities, I would like to trigger a email plugin (like user notification) whenever an activity is over the deadline, 

The question is how can I determine which activity triggers the email plugin, then the plugin can email to the approver of the activity.

To simplify the process flow, I don't want to setup different email plugin for each activity.

Thanks for your guidence.

Jonathan Yang

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  1. You must set deadline for each and every single activity that you want to have email reminder sent. Set up the Email Plugin's default properties if you want to have a common set of settings.

    1. Hi, Walter:

      Do you mean I must add n tools for n activities in my process flow ?

      I have set deadline for each activity, Is there any solution that use only one tool for every activity, and the email plugin can send mail to the activity performer accordingly.

      Thank you

      1. Hi Jonathan,

        Please see our youtube video on setting up deadlines for reminder at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIexnZk6OwA if you need more information on the set up.

        You can point the deadline exception transition to the same tool if you wish to. By using the same tool mapped to the email plugin, you will be sending the same email with the same content and same recipient every time though (you might get around using hash variables).

        Hope this helps.