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  1. Hi,

    I have been testing out the userview portion of the Joget system today (Version: 2.0.0 - build 647) and hit two javascript errors that break the category feature under Userview Details. I have tested it under IE7 and IE8 and receive the error with both.

    The first error occurs when I try to use the Set Category Permissions button after creating a category. I hit the button and a window pops up listing the groups defined and when I check off one and hit the Submit button I get the following javascript error:


    Line: 520

    Char: 17

    Error: 'undefined' is null or not an object

    Code: 0

    URL: https://myserverip/wflow-wfweb/web/userview/create/permission?categoryId=1284999579472&_=1284999970157


    This seems to be related to the script not finding an input field next to the Permission: label under the category name on the Edit Userview page. When I first create the category it says Permission: All and then changes to Permission: blank. This only occurs when I create a new userview but not when I modify the permissions on the example travel management view.

    The second error occurs when I choose the Add Activity button. I select my process, columns, etc. and on Step 4 after I click the Add To Userview button I get the following javascript error:


    Line: 1332

    Char: 17

    Error: Invalid argument

    Code: 0

    URL: [https://myserverip/wflow-wfweb/admin/userview/create/selectActivity?divId=category-1284999579472&category=1284999579472&category=1284999579472&=1285000881245

    Has anyone else encountered the same problem or have any ideas on a solution?


    1. So I have been messing with this a bit more today.

      It seems if I open joget in IE8 compatibility mode I am able to create userview sections without the above javascript errors. However there still are various bugs in the interface when creating them. When you create a category and then navigate to a different page within joget then come back to the edit userview page the new section will not always be listed. If you logout of the system then log back in and edit the userview the changes show up properly.

      This does not seem to affect the functionality of the userview itself after it is created and appears to be some type of browser issue in the userview creation interface. Is this a known issue or something particular to my configuration?



      1. Hi Jim,

        For the first issue (setting category permissions), I've tried it out and found that the problem occurs when there aren't any activities defined in the category. If there are activities, then it works ok. Btw, I'm using FireFox and Chrome because I'm on Ubuntu LInux so I can't run IE properly.

        For the second issue (error in Add Activity button), it's a known issue for IE that has been fixed in the trunk of the source repository, (revision 671).

        You could try getting from the repo, or as a temporary workaround you might want to try using FireFox or Chrome?

        Hope this helps!


        1. Hi Julian,

          Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately Firefox and Chrome are not an option in our environment but I will try grabbing the latest source from the Joget GitHub repo and post back with the results.