i'm new to Joget

after installing and starting the server, i can not come to the web console on http://localhost:8080/jw :

404 Not Found

the pad /jw was not found

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "cherrypy_cprequest.pyo", line 606, in respond
  File "cherrypy_cpdispatch.pyo", line 25, in _call_
  File "openobject\tools_expose.pyo", line 182, in func_wrapper
  File "openobject\controllers_root.pyo", line 87, in default
  File "cherrypy_cperror.pyo", line 227, in _call_
NotFound: (404, "The path '/jw' was not found.")

is there a conflict on the apache server ?



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  1. Hi Franky,

    Can you please check in the server stack trace to see if there's any error reported? It will be useful for us to help you debug. Thanks.