I have tried today to download the source codes for Joget Workflow from Github and tried running the build using the command "mvn install". It is able to run up to the wflow-core project and then fails with exceptions. The most notable one is "java.lang.IllegalStateException: wrong state: TERMINATED". Has anyone encountered this? What is the solution to this problem?

A key thing to note, I am not using MySQL, I am using MS SQL Server instead. All others are the same and and have been trying to follow the instructions "Building From Source".

I have included the "output.txt" attachment which contains the stdout messages of the build which includes the stack traces.

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  1. Hi Wien,

    Hmm it sounds like some kind of transaction timeout connecting to the SQL Server. Have you tried running (not building) on SQL Server? Usually building is done on MySQL, not sure if anyone else has tried building on SQL Server. But you should be able to build on MySQL and run the binaries on any other database.

  2. Hi Julian and everyone in the Joget Community,

    Thanks for your help, I have finally managed to get the source codes compiled successfully after going through many hours of painful troubleshooting. It seems strange that I cannot compile using SQL Server yet the compilation works with MySQL. Changing to MySQL helps solve the compilation issue but is certainly doesn't explain the problem with SQL Server.

    For everyone in the community, here are are few key pointers which you might find helpful when trying to troubleshoot problems with building from the source codes:-

    1. Use Maven v2.2.1. Higher versions of Maven (eg 3.x) seem to give problems.
    2. Use JDK v6 as Maven v2.2.1 does not work well with JDK v7.
    3. It is recommended to use MySQL using the compilation as it fails with SQL Server. The database can be re-pointed later.
    4. Deploying on SQL Server 2008 and above, remember to download the latest SQL JDBC driver from Microsoft and replace the default jar file that comes with the source. I tested the deployment successfully with SQL Server 2008 R2 using "sqljdbc4.jar".
    5. AVG or other anti-virus/firewalls may cause Maven to get stuck while downloading the dependencies from the repository. If you experience Maven getting stuck downloading, try disabling AVG (other other anti-virus/firewalls that you may have) temporarily.
    6. When compiling in Windows, remember to make changes in the setup-maven.xml executable attribute to "mvn.bat" instead of "mvn".
    7. Ensure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is setup correctly and if you have multiple versions of JDK, make sure it is pointing to the latest version of JDK v6, not JDK v7.

    I still have the preference to work on SQL Server instead of MySQL, so if anyone does indeed figure out why the compilation does not work with SQL Server, do let me know. I am still interested to find out.