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Joget is built primarily on a plugin architecture. As such, there are a multitude of pieces that can be plugged and played which will essentially allow users to quickly and easily modify default application behaviour. For more information about plugins, refer to Plugins.

One of the plugins that are available to users is the Directory Manager plugin. A Directory Manager plugin allows users to override the entire security matrix of Joget and transplant an existing security infrastructure in its place. For instance, most organizations use some form of LDAP implementation (i.e., ActiveDirectory, OpenDS, etc.) to maintain their user lists. Now, instead of maintaining 2 separate sets of users and dealing with the complexities of replicating the information, a simple use of an LDAP Directory Manager plugin will integrate the two and allow your Joget to function fully with your LDAP implementation. For more information about the LDAP Directory Manager, refer to LDAP and Active Directory Integration.

In order to apply a new Directory Manager, your Directory Manager plugin should already be loaded in your Joget instance. For more information on loading plugins, refer to Manage Plugins.

Once you've loaded your Directory Manager plugin, access your System Settings > Directory Manager Settings. If loaded correctly, your plugin will be available in a drop-down list, together with any other Directory Manager plugins you might have loaded. Select the correct plugin and click on the Update button.

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